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Accounting and bookkeeping services

Accounting and bookkeping services

The “J-CONTO” d.o.o. accounting agency provides a complete accounting and tax consultancy service for micro, small, medium and large enterprises engaged in various activities, entrepreneurs, NGOs, sport clubs, trade unions, institutions.The accounting tasks cover and follow all of your business events.

The accounting tasks are prescribed by the Law and companies must have them completed within specific deadlines.

Depending on your company, enterprise, field of activity, you will only need some of the services, and our offer includes:

  • General ledger
  • Analytical records of buyers, suppliers
  • Records of fixed assets and calculation of depreciationRecords of trade, performance of calculations, recording debits and credits
  • Book of incoming invoices
  • Book of outgoing invoices
  • Warehouse and merchandise operations
  • Monthly calculation of VAT and preparation of forms
  • Calculation of salaries and preparation of forms
  • Calculation of contracts for services and author’s royalties and preparation of forms
  • Calculation per lease agreement and preparation of forms
  • Preparation of periodic balances
  • Preparation of the annual statement of accounts
  • Preparation of the annual statement of accounts for entrepreneurs
  • Preparation of the M4 form for determining the length of service
  • Submitting forms to tax authorities for authorisation


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